Friday, January 20, 2012

Four Months Already?!?

Well The Roo had his 4 month check up today... my my how time flies! It is strange because on one hand, it's hard to believe he is already 4 months old... and on the other hand I feel like I have been a mom for much longer than a mere 4 months!!!

Roo is growing extremely well... he really loves his milk!! He now is well equipped with squeezable cheeks, chunky thighs and arm and leg rolls... which makes him the most adorable baby ever... if I do say so myself.

We now have a video camera, a new cable for my point and click camera, and a new laptop... so I promise as soon as I get my old laptop data migrated to my new laptop, pictures and video will be soon to follow!

The stats if you feel so inclined to know them are as follows:
Weight: 15lbs 5oz - 54th percentile
Length: 25 3/4" - 66th percentile

Hard to believe that 4 months ago he was in the 6th and 4th percentile respectively!!!

At the pediatrician today, Dr. G told us we can start solids if we want... so of course you know I ran straight to Kroger to stock up on some organic brown rice cereal for The Roo. We gave him his first serving tonight.. and well... it was messy, but I think he loved it! As mentioned previously.. video to come!!

He has also started 'talking' all the time, and has apparently learned how to 'fake cry', though it is quite obvious that it is just a cry for attention, and not a real cry. I will try to get it on video, because it just makes me laugh. Oh, and the screaming started today... you know the, "I'm just screaming to hear myself" screaming... yeah it could get really loud around the Stagner residence!!

Tomorrow night the hubs and I are having a date night... dinner and a movie. Heading to see Sherlock Holmes... I'm super excited!