Friday, September 30, 2011

Living life 90 Minutes at a Time

Well, I am officially over 2 weeks into motherhood, and things are going great! Andy, Eric, Patton, Lola and I are all adjusting well.

A lot of people are asking how the puppies are handling the new addition. Lola licked Andy on the head, realized he wasn't food for her to eat and quickly lost interest.  Patton wants Andy to play with him, so he will come up while we are holding Andy and start nudging him with his nose, and licking him... hoping for him to play back. I tried to tell him he had to wait a few months. Patton also gets REALLY concerned if Andy starts crying... Patton will go to the bassinet or pack n play and try to get to Andy (I am assuming to try and comfort him) or if we are holding him, Patton will come get by us and look at us like we are doing something wrong!  However, I do think they may be a little jealous. After all, Andy gets to eat every 3 hours, whereas they only get to eat twice a day. I catch myself constantly asking Andy if he's hungry, and Lola and Patton perk up.. only to be disappointed that there is no food in their immediate future...

Well little Andy is a hungry little gremlin and per pediatricians orders must be fed every 3 hours. Now, that is every 3 hours from start of his first feeding, to the start of the next feeding.  Well, let me tell you that is a LOT of feeding! Which does not leave a lot of time for mommy... The full process of Andy's average feeding is a hour and a half... which means I have been living my life 90 minutes at a time between feedings.  Basically I can get one thing accomplished between feedings...

Here is an example of an average day for me... (which is funny, because feeding every 3 hours where do you really start your day? For consistency's sake we can start my day at 5:30... the same time Eric starts his day)
- Feed the baby
- Let the dogs out, feed them
- Short nap
- Feed again...
- eat breakfast
- take a shower if there is time
- Feed the baby
- Find something to eat for lunch
- Another baby feeding
- Wash all the clothes Andy has peed on in the last 24 hours
- Feed Andy again
- Spend some quality time with the hubs/ eat dinner
- Feed the baby
 - Sleep
- Feed the baby again
- Sleep
- Feed the baby
- Sleep

It really doesn't leave much time to get anything done! My life now completely revolves around baby's feeding times... I suppose eventually he will eat less frequently, but until then this is my life! I sneak naps in when I can, but usually once I'm up in the morning, I'm up for the day... Who knew doing so little could be so exhausting?!?!

But we are all doing great, having fun and little Andy is growing like a weed already! :) I will try to post more pictures tomorrow... maybe instead of eating lunch ;)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our House Grew by Two Feet!

If you haven't already heard, our little boy arrived on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 12:59 pm. He weighed 5 lbs 14 oz and was 18 3/4" long. And he is perfect!

I never really thought I would enjoy the infant stage of motherhood, since all those little boogers do is eat, sleep and poop, but I am absolutely LOVING it! Andy is an amazing little cuddler and I could spend all day on the couch just cuddling with him and admiring how freaking cute he is!

And I know most mom's are partial and think their kid is cute, but for real I have a ridiculously beautiful kid. Thanks to my nutritionist, who loaded me down with ridiculous amounts of fish oil, he has perfect skin, and hair, and his head wasn't funky and cone shaped for very long. He has had daddy's lips and chin, and even though he was 4 weeks early, he was very proportional and not super skinny and lanky. He's pretty freaking cute.

Don't believe me? Check these out:

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby Shower Pics

So I figured it would be easiest just to import all the pictures from the awesome baby shower that Lisa, Hannah, Chrissie, Lauren and Sallie threw for me!!!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nursery Pictures!

You have begged and pleaded, and my fabulous mother in law finally came to the rescue with a cord that would connect my camera to the computer!

Take a peek around the room that Andy will soon call home!

There are stil a few more things to do. The quilt I made for the queen size bed is still at the quilters, so as soon as I get that back I will post pictures. Also, the quilt that my mom made (that is folded and in the crib) is going to hang on the wall, but I still have to get the quilt hangers for that! Get excited... it's coming along nicely!

I will try to post shower pics soon :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

I figured since today is Labor Day it would be appropriate that I post an update. No, I'm not in labor yet, but we are definitely getting down to the wire - 37 days until my due date! This weekend we have worked hard to get a LOT done in preparation for the little one's arrival!

The Nursery
The Nursery is pretty much completed. Eric helped hang up the letters on the wall and the curtains, we have the bedding all set up and everything is organized, at least for now! All that is left to do is hang the baby quilt on the wall (I still need to get a quilt hanger... minor detail), and the full size quilt for the bed in the room is at the quilter's. Once I get those two things done, the nursery will be officially complete!

We also put together the pack n' play, and baby Clara Mae came over and tried it out for us! Our swing is put together and working, and the changing table for downstairs is put together and ready to go with wipes, diapers, etc.

Hospital Bag
I figured Labor day would be an appropriate day to pack the bag for the hospital. However, there are certain things that I want to take to the hospital that I don't want to pack until go-time (makeup, camera, pillows, etc.).

I had a shower in Houston last weekend that was fabulous! My BFFs, Lisa, Hannah, Sallie, Chrissie and Lauren did a great job! The shower was at the Houston Arboretum, which is beautiful if you've never been there and had the chance to walk around. They hooked me up with gluten-free goodness, and we had plenty of cookies, cupcakes and cake leftover to much on for a few days! The shower was amazing and it was great to get to see all of the friends and family that made it out to celebrate baby Andy!!!

Yay for actually being somewhat prepared for labor!  I will try to post pictures of the nursery and baby shower soon!