Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Baby Jesus...

So Andy's first big Holiday Season has officially come to an end... as has my maternity leave. So now I'm just a regular working mother with nothing to look forward to until the birth of my next child I suppose... sigh

So for Thanksgiving we went to The Lake with my dad's side of the family. Of course Eric and I had tickets to the last A&M/ UT game... at least the last one for a while. So on Thursday my aunt, cousin and I got up early and went to White Bluff for their second annual Turkey Trot. My cousin finished first place and won a t-shirt! (There were probably only like 20 people that went, but she is still a badass runner, so she gets props still).

Then we had lunch, and little Roo got passed around to everyone. He also got to hang out with his cousin who is only about 3 months older than him. After lunch Eric and I packed up and headed to College Station for the big game. It was pretty depressing. Andy-Roo stayed and watched the game with Mimi and Poppy... Which was probably a good thing since Mommy had some very foul language! GRR! It sucked to see the Aggies lose, and the season was such a disappointment... but oh there's a whole nother blog for that...

Two weekends later we went back to Mansfield for "Christmas" with my side of the family. My mom has been dying to take family pictures so we finally got some! (Apparently I can't add photos from the computer I am on or something, so I will try to upload them later). We got to give all the kiddos their gifts which was a lot of fun.

Andy got  his picture with two different Santa's this year... and I even got Christmas cards out... sort of... actually there are some sitting on my dining room table that still need stamps... so I guess they'll be more like New Year's cards!

For Christmas we stayed in Houston and spent the holiday with Eric's family.  A few days before Christmas we got a phone call asking if Andy would be available on Christmas Eve to play Baby Jesus! They figured he behaved so well in the nursery he would be the perfect baby Christmas eve (ok, I may have made that part up myself, but it sounded good)!

Of course, Christmas eve morning he comes down with a cough and obviously wasn't feeling well.  Grammy brought over Chili and Tamales and we had dinner at our place. Also, our dog Patton had a siezure, which was pretty devistating. He has had a few in the past, but there is really nothing we can do about them. We still took Roo to the service and he was perfect the entire time! He was the perfect baby Jesus. Of course we didn't get any pictures, which is sad... but oh well... It felt kind of strange to pull out a camera and take a picture in the middle of a worship service.

Christmas day we went over to Grammy's and spent the day over there. The Roo still was sick... but he toughed it out and was super adorable for everyone. Fortunately I had the day off on Monday so I got to spend the day loving on my little sick guy and trying to make him feel better. Sick babies are no fun! He still got lots of loot from all of his family, so I can't wait until he is feeling better and can start playing with all his new toys.

So it wasn't exactly the Christmas I expected, and I didn't get to clean the house on my day off like I had planned, but at least my little guy is starting to feel better!

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