Monday, July 18, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

A few years ago, someone gave me a picture frame that said "It's Official, I've Become my Mother".  It was a cute frame, so I put a picture of me and my mom in it and put it on a shelf... little did I know the reality that I actually am turning into my mother... one day at a time...
The evidence is piling up, and since getting knocked up it has become MORE and MORE obvious that I am turning into my mother... Here is my list of Top 5 Realizations that I have become my mom:

5. I freak out about cleaning for the cleaning lady. I remember being a little girl, laying in my twin size bed playing with Teddy Rupskin when my mom came in and told me that I had to clean my room. I asked her why and she said that we had a lady coming to clean the house (by the way, my mom did this MAYBE 2 or 3 times in my childhood. I don't recal if there was a specific reason for this, maybe she was hosting a party?). Anyway, I thought it was ludicrous to clean for the cleaning lady, yet there I was yesterday, trying to get things picked up and the dishes done before my cleaning lady came today (Then again, she does put our knives in the dishwasher which Drives. Me. Crazy!!).

4. I am all of the sudden afraid of heights. My mom and my brother have always been the ones afraid of heights, and I was always the one to make fun of them! Over the last year or so I have realized that I, myself am a little freaked out by heights... not to the point where I would hide in the floorboard of a suburban while going over Engineer's Pass... but none the less... kind of weirds me out...

3. I think the new heights phobea is linked to #3... worry... I. Worry. About. EVERYTHING! I can't help it! I worry about normal things like money, childbirth, my hair falling out after the baby gets here.  But then I also worry about silly stuff, like if I will have fun on vacation, what we are going to eat for dinner, and OMG What is my cleaning lady going to think about my house being SO DIRTY!?!?!? I will say, that my Gran may have been a bit more of a worrier than my mother is... so maybe it comes more from her... but I never really considered myself one to worry. Until... Baby... I guess babies make you crazy... that's the conclusion I am coming to!

2. Mom's gonna love this one... (It's probably going to make her cry - I love you mom)... but my mom has a bit of passive aggressive in her (And I still love her for it!!!). This was most obvious to me when I was getting married. She would ask what color bridesmaid dresses I wanted and I would answer... and she would reply with "Really?!?!? You think that will be a good color?!? Do you think that color would look okay on (insert bridesmaid name here)?!? I mean, it's your decision, but think about it".  And I would reply with, "Well mom, what color do you think I should choose?", and her response was "Oh honey, it's your wedding... it's up to you!".  That conversation happened with just about every decision about my wedding. It cracked me up and drove me crazy at the same time.  And now I am doing the SAME THING to Eric.  I mean substitute wedding talk with baby talk, and you have daily conversations between Eric and myself. It. Is. Scary! The scarriest part?!?! I didn't even REALIZE it until one day Eric looked at me and said, "You sound just like your mom!". EEK! Good thing he likes my mom!!!

1. The Disappearing Purse: The straw that broke the camel's back happened to me Saturday afternoon when I ran to the grocery store. I purchase my groceries, take them out to my car, load them in the trunk, take the cart to the cart return, go back to my car and drive off. I get home, pull into the driveway, reach over to grab my purse and.... OH MY GOD WHERE IS MY PURSE!?!?!? I must have put it in my trunk when I unloaded the groceries. I go check the trunk... No.Purse.  Well crap... At this point I realize I have done one of 2 things... Left my purse at the cashier or in the cart... I still managed to get home with my keys and my phone... but no purse! I rush back to Kroger, and thankfully as I pull into the parking lot I see 3 women holding my purse walking it to the guy that is picking up carts in the parking lot. I frantically jump out my car yelling 'It's Mine! It's Mine!" fortunately they believed me... because it's not like I could show any proof of ID!!!  If you haven't heard, my mother is NOTORIOUS for leaving her purse places... fortunately, Kroger is only 3 minutes away as opposed the the 3 hours trip my mom took before realizing she had left her purse at a fast food restaurant in Marshall, TX... Good times...

I guess in the end, it's a good thing that I am ending up more and more like my mom. I love her to death and she has been such a great role model over the last 27 years (give or take a few of those teenage years ;))! She really is a blessing in my life and I don't know where I would be without her.  She has always been so loving, nurturing and protective of us. I could have never wished for a better mother, and  I will be extremely happy if I end up half the mom to Andy that she was to me.

(PS I hear a few people are having trouble leaving comments... Sorry but I have no idea how to help you! If anyone else has had trouble leaving comments and figured it out, feel free to leave a comment on what they may need to do!)


  1. YAY - I can now comment. I was trying to say that the REAL question now is this: Will Andrew Kenneth be half the wild hellion you were as a kid? ;) -Neal

  2. I love this! I'm my mother too. The things that use to drive me crazy about her I find myself doing them all the time.

  3. This is great! I loved ever second of it! Cant wait for more. I cannot agree more about your mother! LOVE it! :) -Katie

  4. My absolute favorite part of this post, besides the genius an hilarious style of your writing, is that you too called that lovable bear Teddy Rupskin. It wasn't until years later I learned he was actually called Teddy Ruxpin; and I feel somehow vindicated in knowing there are others out there who also thought that was his name! Rock on teddy rupskin!

  5. Thank God I am not like my dad! I can handle looking out the window while going over Engineer's Pass! Ha!
    It's funny...just this past weekend when I was at your mom's house, I thought to myself several times, "OMG, Mary does that, oh, and she does that too." Oh, geez. - Lauren

  6. What a blessing for you to be like your mom. She is the ultimate example of a loving mother. You have much to achieve and you have the example to follow. God bless you on your journey.