Monday, August 8, 2011

Unplugged (Better late than never, right?)

Well, if you didn't know yet, Eric and I recently got back from our annual trip to Colorado. Up in the mountains in Lake City, Colorado, any sort of internet and/or cell phone service is pretty hard to come by, so I expected to spend the majority of the week 'unplugged'.

We drove up to Mansfield on Thursday night and spent the night with the 'rents. On Friday morning bright and early we headed out of town in our caravan of 4 cars, and 13 family members. Have you ever been on vacation with 13 family members? It can be quite interesting... and entertaining!

We arrived to our condo on Lake San Crystobal on Saturday night... and the boys were up and off to go fly fishing early Sunday morning. Usually I would go fly fishing as well, but unfortunately the doctor, and husband, advised against hiking up 2 miles to fish upstream another 2-3 miles and hike back 4-5 miles to the car at 29 weeks pregnant. I can't imagine why that might be a problem.... So instead I got to be one of the ladies on this trip, and went to church and had lunch at Southern Vittles. After heading home for a nap and a little reading, we went back to town for a "Snowshoe Sunday" from
The San Juan Soda Shop!

Pretty much if you don't fish in Colorado your day consists of:
- Wake up to beautiful view of the lake and mountains
- Breakfast
- Nap
- Read
- Nap
- Go to town for lunch (We also had lunch at Poker Alice, Restless Spirits Saloon and The Packer Saloon)
- Shop around town in one of the 5 or 6 stores that are pretty much the same every year, yet I still find myself making sure that I stop by every single pace
- Ice Cream and/or Cherry Limeade at San Juan Soda Fountain
- Another nap
- Dinner
- Bedtime

On Wednesday, most of the crew took the day off and went White Water Rafting in Gunnison. I obviously was not allowed to go, so Eric and I spent the day in town and took a walking trail up Henson Creek. We also ran into Grandma and Gramps who had just gotten into town, so they sat with us while we finished up lunch and we got to catch up.

Thursday they finally let me go fishing! We spent most of the time driving trying to find a new fishing spot, but we started running low on gas so we had to turn back and go to one of our regular places.  I didn't fish far upstream so all I caught was a few tiny fish, but it was nice to at least get to fish for a bit.  Thursday night was our annual fish fry, and mom and Mina were awesome enough to get some gluten free flour and corn meal so I could have some gluten free fish!

Friday was another day of relaxing and shopping around town, and of course packing up and getting ready for the long drive home.

Saturday morning was the devistating loss... We all got up around 4am and started getting ready to go. I was heading down the stairs so I slipped my phone in my back pocket... (which BTW I NEVER do, because I know it's dangerous), and of course I had to go to the bathroom for the MILLIONTH time. I go into use the bathroom and before I get the opportunity I hear a splashing sound. I look down and realize my phone has fallen into the toilet. AWESOME! Of course some choice words come out, and I get a little bit upset... (FYI in pregnancy terms I have a major meltdown!!!!) I cried, I cursed, I pouted, I cried some more... it was rather tragic. I was able to find some rice to put the phone in, but to no avail 24 hours later the phone was completely dead.

I was phoneless for over 48 hours... and felt so sad and disconnected! I couldn't believe how many times I went to go do something on my phone before I realized it was gone! I kept contemplating if I should just get a regular (non-smart) phone, or another iPhone. I was devistated...

Fortunately on Monday I took it into the apple store... I am not sure what it is about me, but apparently I have the ability to glamour Apple employees into giving me replacement iPhones for free!  The very awesome, very nice guy at Apple took pity on the super pregnant woman and replaced my phone for me!!! I pretty much cried again, and am now plugged back in.

However, for the record I had not synced my phone in a VERY long time, so everyone go home and sync your phone tonight! And then don't be surprised if I facebook message you asking you for your phone number again, because I may have lost it!!

It took me forever to write this post, and it's super long, but I'll update about my awesome showers later this week!

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